Police assault: man admits stealing Taser

A Bangor man has admitted stealing a Taser during an alleged assault on a police officer.

Barry Roberts was arrested on Monday following a confrontation involving a plain clothes officer on the High Street last Thursday (4th July).

Roberts (37), from Maesgeirchen, pleaded guilty to stealing the stun gun – parts of which were discovered at his flat by detectives.

He was refused bail and remanded in custody until sentencing next month.

Caernarfon magistrates heard the plain clothes officer was on patrol when he noticed some suspicious behaviour.

He approached a man with the intent of carrying out a search because he believed he was involved in drug activity. The man refused – and both the suspect and the officer fell to the ground in a melee.

Roberts was later caught on CCTV at a nearby shop holding the weapon before concealing it.

On Monday afternoon, officers found Roberts with two people near the bus station in Caernarfon and drew a Taser at him. Component parts of the stolen stun gun were found at his flat during a search after he was arrested.

Roberts denied using any force on the police officer. His defence said the guilty plea was on the grounds that he found the Taser was on the pavement.

He also claimed that he was unaware the man was a police officer.

An application for bail was rejected. Roberts, who spoke only to confirm his details and enter his plea, will be sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court on Friday 2nd August.

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