Man arrested after vehicles targeted in Holyhead

A man has been arrested after a spate of thefts from vehicles in Holyhead.

Police say four vehicles have been targeted in and around town since Saturday 24th November. A 30 year-old local man is being held in custody in connection with the incidents.

The spate of crimes has sparked a police warning for Anglesey drivers to make sure their vehicles are secure and all valuables which could tempt potential thieves are removed.

Sergeant Kenny Temple Morris said motorists should double check before leaving their vehicles unattended: ”Most thefts are opportunistic and I urge car owners to take a few extra seconds to look at their vehicle security, to ensure that no items or cash are left on display and that the car is locked.”

”Christmas gifts are easy pickings for opportunist thieves who will make off with such items within seconds. Theft from vehicles is a long standing problem and will continue until owners take personal responsibility of their possessions.”

He added: ”We are committed to preventing crime, which means fewer victims.”

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