Lifeboat crew caught out by hoax caller

RNLI / Paul Blackwell

A hoax caller has been condemned after a false alarm overnight.

RNLI volunteers at Beaumaris received a report from Holyhead Coastguard that a 60 year-old man had fallen between two boats near Bangor pier in the early hours of Thursday (31st January).

A spokesperson said the crew were tipped off at just before 2am but had trouble reaching the boat house because of the low temperature and ‘extremely’ icy conditions.

While the lifeboat was being prepared for launch, the Coastguard told the crew to wait onshore because the caller had changed the alleged location of the incident to Penrhyn dock.

Although other emergency services were called out, including police, paramedics and the Bangor Coastguard rescue team, suspicions rose when the caller gave out other discrepancies in his story

The operation was finally called off at around 2.50am when it was confirmed to be a hoax. The caller was said to be further inland with no view of the Menai Strait.

An RNLI spokesman, John Pulford, said because the lifeboat was not launched, the volunteers were able to get back to bed for a few hours.

In a separate development on Wednesday, police in Caernarfon arrested a 23 year-old woman on Bangor Road on suspicion of making hoax calls to emergency services.

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