Kayaks rescued off east Anglesey coast

RNLI / Phil Williams

Seven people, including four children, were rescued in two separate incidents involving kayaks off the east Anglesey coast at the weekend.

The inshore lifeboat at Moelfre was launched on Saturday afternoon after two kayaks – one of which was an inflatable – were spotted being blown out to sea off Benllech. One adult and four children were on board.

An RNLI spokesperson said the kayaks had drifted half a mile off the beach in 25 knot offshore winds.

After being kept under observation by the coastguard, the Enfys 2 lifeboat found the five occupants ”shaken but unharmed”, before they were taken back to shore for check-ups and given blankets to warm up.

Volunteer helm Dwynwen Parry said: ”The beach is there to be enjoyed by all, but the water although appealing, is still very cold and dangerous without the right equipment.”

”Inflatables are considered very dangerous in offshore winds, especially if they are not secured. Luckily, this group was seen by an eagle-eyed onlooker and the alarm was quickly raised.”

The following afternoon, a kayak was spotted towing another off St David’s caravan park at Red Wharf Bay.

The D-class inshore lifeboat from Mochdre set off after 1pm and found the kayaks beaching the inflatables ashore, in the channel to the bay.

An adult and three children were on board, but refused any help from the lifeboat crew. They were given safety advice as the adult was not wearing a buoyancy aid.

As the lifeboat left the scene, the crew spotted another ‘sit-on-top’ kayak leaving the shelter of the channel.

Two adults on board were unharmed but were not wearing any buoyancy aids or safety equipment – their kayak was escorted back to shore after consulting with Holyhead Coastguard.

Vince Jones, the inshore lifeboat helm at Mochdre, said on Sunday: ”If you really wish to use the water in such challenging conditions as they were…please make sure you are wearing the appropriate lifesaving equipment.”

”We are here to rescue those in peril, but it’s a life jacket or buoyancy aid, that will ultimately save your life until we get to you.”

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