Fairness Commission launched to tackle poverty

A new group has been set up to consider efforts to tackle poverty and inequality on Anglesey.

The Ynys Môn Fairness Commission – the first of its kind in North Wales – is aimed at promoting a fairer society on the island. It will be launched on Monday (21st October) at a conference at Llangefni Town Hall.

The commission says it aims to follow the lead of similar groups elsewhere by focusing on mapping inequality and resources, building and strenghtening community links and addressing gender inequality.

Former Anglesey Council chairman Dylan Rees said the conference would ”explore how we can achieve greater cohesion and create a community we all have a stake in.”

He added: ”If we are to build healthy, sustainable communities, then we need to tackle some of the inequalities that exist here on Ynys Môn.”

Fairness Commissions elsewhere have taken evidence from independent experts, local authorities and residents before producing final reports recommending what should be done to deal with key issues.

It’s hoped the findings will be taken up to influence policy both locally and nationally.

Gerald Hewitson, a former deputy headteacher at Holyhead High School, said: ”It is often difficult to deal with the issues that lead to inequality, poverty and social exclusion – a local Fairness Commission will help us understand and look at ways our communities can come together for the benefit of all its citizens.”

”This conference is a vital first step in raising awareness and developing key insights, so that the people of Anglesey can move forward towards a better quality of life for everyone.”

Members of commissions from Newport and the Shetland Islands will be attending the conference, alongside Labour MP Albert Owen, Plaid Cymru AM Rhun ap Iorwerth and speakers from the Carnegie Trust.

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