Ex-soldier detained over ‘rebellion’ plot

A court has heard a former soldier tried to build a sub-machine gun in order to launch a ‘rebellion’.

Llifon Jones from Penygroes, claimed that under the Magna Carta, he had the right to claim Crown lands and start an uprising.

Jones (32), who has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), was detained in hospital indefinitely, after he admitted attempting to build a weapon and possessing items that could be converted into weapons.

Proseuctors said Jones was angered by the result of the Brexit referendum in 2016 and wanted to ‘protect liberty’.

He set up a group called the North Wales Lawful Rebellion and started making inquiries to build up publicity and support for the movement.

In a Facebook post entitled a ‘statement of truth’, he claimed he could ”seize Crown Lands and possessions belonging to the Crown until I have redress” under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, drawn up in 1215.

In January 2018, Jones posted two notices on neighbouring homes, claiming he intended to seize them. The owners of one of the properties alerted police, who found the unfinished sub-machine gun at his home.

Two homemade shotguns were also found, along with blank ammunition, tools, manuals and other equipment. A knife claimed to be for self-defence was later found in his car.

A psychiatrist told Caernarfon Crown Court that Jones had been largely influenced by his mental illness, which had not been formally diagnosed at the time.

The defence said he had been a patient at the medium secure unit at Tŷ Llywelyn in Llanfairfechan since March 2018.

He was ‘absolutely mortified’ that anyone believed they felt threatened by him and there had been no actual violence nor threats of violence.

The barrister added the properties targeted were connected to his family in some way. He had suffered from PTSD, brought along by severe stress, before he was discharged – there had been no intervention.

Jones also pleaded guilty to possessing a knife in a public place and two counts of threatening behaviour.

Sentencing him, Judge Timothy Petts said Jones’ actions were the result of a schizophrenic mental condition, but he still posed a danger to the public. He added he must not be released from Tŷ Llywelyn until it’s safe for him to be discharged.

Jones was also banned from approaching his victims indefinitely by a restraining order. The judge ordered police to destroy the weapons and equipment seized from Jones.

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