Council warning over tax rebate scam in Gwynedd

Trading Standards officers in Gwynedd have warned residents over a new council tax scam.

According to Gwynedd Council, fraudsters are using a rebate as a new way to trick victims out of hundreds of pounds.

They phone residents and claim they have been placed in the wrong tax bracket for several years and are due a rebate.

The con artists then tell their victims they need to pay a so-called ‘administration fee’, ranging anywhere between £60 and £350.

But once it’s paid, the target can no longer contact the person who phoned them – they’re only informed they have been scammed when they take up their inquiry with the local council.

John Eden Jones, a Trading Standards enforcement officer with Gwynedd Council, said: ”Fraudsters are relentless and will work tirelessly to find new ways to convince people to part with their money.”

”These criminals make several calls and will be particularly convincing and provide good reason for why the person should make an immediate payment.”

Councillor Gareth Griffith, the cabinet member for the environment, added: ”Residents are advised to never give out card or bank details. Furthermore, no council will phone out of the blue to discuss a council tax rate and no legitimate organisation will require you to pay a fee in advance.”

”Thank you to our Trading Standards team for raising awareness about this new scam, whilst continuing to do valuable work in protecting the people of Gwynedd from scams like this.”

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