Bangor: High Street closed to traffic ‘until Easter’

Part of Bangor city centre could stay closed to traffic until Easter.

A fire at a flat above a Japanese restaurant led to part of the High Street being cordoned off between the city’s cathedral and the Varsity nightclub.

Gwynedd County Council said there were concerns about the structure of two buildings which suffered extensive damage as a result of the fire.

Temporary scaffolding has been erected as part of emergency work to make the buildings safe. Traffic diversions are also in place, also motorists will still be able to access the upper end of the street via Lôn Pobty.

The council says all other businesses on the High Street remain open, despite concerns locally that the ongoing road closure could be affecting their trade.

Plaid Cymru’s MP and AM for Arfon, Hywel Williams and Sian Gwenllian, said in a joint statement: ”Several businesses have commented on the downturn in trade and problems with deliveries accessing premises on the high street, particularly for heavy vehicles.”

”Given the impact on local businesses, we have asked the council to look at what alternative temporary measures can be put in place to help ease the pressure on local businesses, both in terms of providing financial relief and contingency traffic arrangements.”

Dafydd Wyn Williams, head of enviornment at Gwynedd Council, said: ”Removing debris and making these buildings safe will be a complex and challenging task.”

”Unfortunately, having explored all possible options, our structural engineers have confirmed that there is no way in which this work can be safely completed without the need to keep this section of the High Street closed to traffic for a number of weeks.”

”We fully appreciate the impact of this situation on local residents, traders and shoppers, and every effort is being made to complete the work as swiftly and safely as possible.”

”We are committed to working closely with the city council, Bangor BID (Bangor Improvement District), the police and local businesses with the aim of easing the impact on all parties. Together, we very much hope that positive solutions can be achieved.”

A council spokesperson added that reconstruction work on the two buildings would only start once they were stabilised and after debris is safely removed by crane.

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