Woman jailed for sub-letting ‘drugs den’

North Wales Police

A woman has been jailed for allowing ‘county lines’ drug dealers to use her rented home in Bangor.

Lorraine Roberts was caught after detectives found heroin and cocaine worth around £6,800 during a raid in Ambrose Street in March.

North Wales Police

The 52 year-old failed to appear at an earlier court hearing for sentencing after she admitted being involved in drugs supply. She was rearrested the following day – and jailed for a total of three years and ten months at Caernarfon Crown Court on Wednesday.

Luke Ward, described by police as an ‘enforcer’ for an organised crime gang from Liverpool, was jailed for three years after he pleaded guilty to similar charges.

The court heard Ward owed £4,000 to dealers and was sent to Bangor to look after a youth who had also built up a big debt. When police raided the house, they found him trying to flush drugs down the toilet.

Prosecutors said evidence from mobile phones had found Roberts was sub-letting the property after taking out a tenancy. She had become involved in supplying illegal drugs to her partner and others.

The defence said Roberts, who had only one previous conviction, met a heroin addict after becoming a widow. She was paid cocaine by providing accommodation for drug dealers from outside the area – and brought heroin for her sick partner.

Her lawyer added she played only a limited role in the operation and had since been detoxed from her addiction.

Ward’s defence said he had been threatened and felt under pressure from the crime gang. He was now facing his first experience of custody and resolved it would be his only sentence.

Welcoming the sentence, PC Elwyn Williams from North Wales Police said: ”Each defendant played a significant role within the gang.”

”Lorraine Roberts allowed the use of her flat in Bangor to be used to store heroin and crack cocaine, she was a courier for the gang members and also contacted the upstream drug dealers in Liverpool on numerous occasions. Luke Ward acted as the enforcer for the gang ensuring that the heroin, and crack cocaine was kept safe.”

Judge Timothy Petts ordered the drugs to be destroyed and £360 of cash found in the raid to be confiscated.

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