Police Federation hits out after hospital assaults

North Wales Police

The police federation in North Wales has hit out at a Llangefni man jailed for attacking four officers and a student nurse at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Kevin Humphrey Jones admitted the assaults after he was told to stop smoking while at the Bangor hospital. The 33 year-old was arrested in Bangor for shoplifting on Tuesday, but later taken to hospital after he became ‘woozy’ and threatened two officers while in custody.

Caernarfon magistrates heard Jones kicked and spat at four officers they tried to restrain him. A 21 year-old nurse was kicked several times while trying to help.

The North Wales Police Federation said although none of the officers were seriously injured, the assaults would ”have an impact upon the officers involved”.

Mark Jones said the officers involved received welfare support: ”Yet again, police officers are becoming victim to unprovoked, vile and totally unacceptable assaults whilst they are undertaking their duties in protecting the public.”

”It is worth emphasising that these particular assaults…were directly as a result of a call to help our emergency service colleagues within our local hospitals. Attacks and assaults on police officers will never be accepted as being ‘just part of the job’, and it is time that society and those in a position of power recognise this.”

The court heard on Thursday that Jones, a prolific offender, had taken a powerful sedative before he was arrested at Debenhams – the defence said the assaults were an ”unforeseen circumstance” of the drugs he took. He had also been recalled to jail for breaching his licence.

Jones, who pleaded guilty to eight charges – including causing £65 worth of criminal damage to a police cell – was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

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