‘Nuisance’ burglar jailed for pub break-in

North Wales Police

A judge has condemned a serial burglar as a ”real nuisance” to the people of Bangor.

Craig Lloyd was jailed for three-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to a second burglary in just six weeks at a city centre pub.

Lloyd (31), from Maesgeirchen, was due to stand trial after he denied stealing more than £1400 from The Harp on the High Street last June. But he changed his plea when he appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court via videolink from prison on Tuesday.

Last August, Lloyd was jailed for eighteen months following another burglary at the same pub in April 2018 – around £1500 in cash was stolen at the time.

The court heard Lloyd was on police bail when he broke into the same pub again in the early hours of Monday 25th June.

Prosecutors said the pair damaged gaming machines and a till, taking a total of £1,437 with them. They were carrying rucksacks and had their faces covered – but Lloyd was still identified from CCTV by eight police officers.

In a victim impact statement, the landlord of The Harp, James Brown, said he was worried that Lloyd would target the pub again once he is released on jail.

Around the time of the burglary, Lloyd was found to have used a stolen mobile phone for around a fortnight.

Police revealed when his phone was seized, they found a video of Lloyd ”viciously” kicking a chicken through the air while he was laughing, causing ”significant suffering” to the animal.

The defendant was also arrested in February 2018 when he was caught scaling a wall to break into the Professionelle Salon on Dean Street, while carrying a claw hammer.

The defence told the court Lloyd, described as a ‘talented mechanic’, knew an immediate prison term was inevitable – but he was determined to make it his last and change his ways.

It was ‘inexplicible’ why he chose to offend, even though he was able to fend for himself.

Judge David Hale told Lloyd, a prolific offender: ”You’ve been a real nuisance to the people of Bangor over your life. You have committed so many crimes without regard to the people you affect.”

When he was sentenced for the first break-in at The Harp, Lloyd was given a five-year restraining order from entering the pub or approaching Mr Brown. He’s now been banned from the pub indefinitely.

After sentencing, PC Elwyn Williams from North Wales Police’s priority crime team in the West said: ”Craig Lloyd is a prolific offender who took it upon himself to steal from the livelihood of a well-known pub owner on two separate occasions within six weeks, putting the victim through an horrific ordeal.”

”The victim has worked hard to earn a living and Lloyd showed a complete lack of respect for this…we welcome the sentence handed down to Lloyd, an habitual prolific offender, who continually causes significant harm in our community.”

”We are grateful to the community for their continued support – our community is now a safer place with Lloyd in prison.”

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