New online well-being directory launched

A new online health and well-being directory has been launched by Wales’ 22 local authorities.

Dewis Cymru offers information on local and national health services, including care service professionals and advice services.

The website’s creators say Dewis Cymru is an ”important first for Wales” that can help people ”take control of their own well-being and make informed choices about the way they choose to live their lives.”

Alwyn Rhys Jones, Anglesey Council’s head of adult services, said: ”We welcome this new resource in Anglesey. Having a one stop shop for information about well-being is an essential tool in helping the people of Anglesey with the things that matter to them.”

”Dewis Cymru will not only assist the council in signposting its own services, it will also provide information on what our partners offer. Making life better for people and their carers, by making sure that individuals get the help they need to lead a good and fulfilling life.”

Dewis Cymru, officially launched last week at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd, has been developed by computer systems firm Data Cymru on behalf of the 22 local councils in Wales alongside other partners across the country.

The project leader, Richard Palmer, said the website was created in response to the 2014 Social Services and Well-Being Act, which made it a duty for Welsh local authorities to provide public information on local health services.

He added: ”Information is key to enabling people to make their own choices about how to best meet their well-being needs. After my mother died, my father wanted to live independently in the family home.”

”Despite hours on the web, I struggled to find appropriate services to support him – largely due to inaccurate or out-of-date information. Dewis ensures that we have a wide range of up to date information which is easily available to the public – enabling them to have choice and take control of their own lives.”

For more information, visit the Dewis Cymru website.

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