New efforts to stop nuisance seagulls

A new campaign has been launched to try and deter nuisance seagulls along the Gwynedd coast.

Gwynedd County Council is sending out leaflets and posters encouraging residents and visitors not to feed the gulls, particularly in and around the county’s towns.

In Caernarfon, the town council has teamed up with local businesses to bring in birds of prey to keep gulls away from the centre. Residents across the county are also being offered tougher reusable bin bags which cannot be destroyed by the birds.

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, deputy leader of Gwynedd Council, said: ”In a county like Gwynedd where so many of our towns and villages are near the coast, gulls can be a real nuisance. This is why we are keen to work with other parties to consider what steps we can take to prevent the birds from being a nuisance.”

”I’m pleased that we’re raising awareness about the simple measures that everybody can take to help keep the gulls away. The advice is simple – if you’re eating outside, make sure you place your leftovers and your food waste securely in a bin.”

The new leaflets and posters, being distributed in coastal areas, offer advice such as:

  • Don’t drop rubbish or food scraps on the floor – it’s an offence and it also attracts seagulls.
  • Use bins with lids or take the food waste home and place in the food bin.
  • Don’t feed the gulls, and avoid giving them an opportunity to snatch food – be vigilant and keep food close to you.
  • Keep away from the nests of young gulls.
  • Encourage any businesses that serve food to ensure that any food waste is cleared as soon as possible to prevent attracting gulls.
  • Don’t encourage large birds into the garden.
  • Gulls know that they can get food from bins, so it’s important that scraps are placed securely in a bin; that the lid of the brown food bin is closed properly and that bins are put out on the correct collection day.

Caernarfon Town Council said since employing a company to prevent gulls from laying their eggs, businesses had ”noticed a difference immediately”.

In a similar move, the county council recently hired a firm to use a falcon and a hawk to keep seagulls away from Ysgol Eifion Wyn and the Glasfryn Leisure Centre in Porthmadog.

Last year, a contractor had to be brought in to remove gulls who were swooping on pupils, staff and parents while they were nesting on the school roof.


Eich Gorsaf, Eich Llais / Your Station, Your Voice