Morfa Bychan: motorhome campers face parking fines

Gwynedd Council

Motorhome owners could be fined up to £1,000 for parking overnight on a Gwynedd beach.

Fines are being brought in by Gwynedd Council, following complaints from residents and business owners about motorhomes and campervans parked at Morfa Bychan.

The council says anyone caught parked on the beach after 8pm will be asked to leave the site or face a fixed £50 penalty notice. They could face much higher fines if they don’t leave ”as soon as practically possible”.

Gwynedd Council

Pamela Roberts, owner of the nearby Glan y Môr camping site, said she welcomed the move: ”As commercial operators employing local people in the community, we hope that the public will abide by the requirements and refrain from remaining on the beach at Black Rock Sands overnight.”

”The intention to issue fixed penalty notices to those who fail to comply is supported but it is regrettable that such action has been necessary. The action being proposed is due to the negative impact on the environment and negative effect on local businesses.”

Gwynedd Council

Extra warning signs have also been put up at the entrance to the beach, warning all drivers that using the beach as a campsite is not authorised and will not be tolerated.

Councillor Ioan Thomas, the cabinet member for Economic Development said: ”Our aim is to ensure that everyone who visits our stunning coastline can enjoy the fantastic natural environment.”

”We have received numerous complaints from the local community and nearby camping sites that the owners of motorhomes and campervans parked overnight on the beach have in some cases been using their private facilities. This is clearly not acceptable and has a detrimental effect on local businesses.”

The council’s maritime and country parks officer, Barry Davies, said the fixed £50 penalties would only be issued to those who continue to flout the warning signs: ”Having held meetings with local residents and nearby businesses, we hope that our efforts to encourage campervans and motorhomes to leave the beach by 8pm will ease the concerns raised and ensure that everyone who visits the beach can make the most of the fantastic coastline.”

10 comments on “Morfa Bychan: motorhome campers face parking fines”

  1. Ken Reply

    Campsites are too expensive so those owners that complaining that people are camping for free they should put their prices down then he might get a bit more business

  2. Penny Reply

    How can they blame motorhome owners (who have their own facilities) when hundred of day-trippers without use the beach daily – yet another witch hunt by local campsite owners who are too greedy for their own good, providing rigid plots that are too close to neighbouring pitches (not what motorhoming/campervanning is about) – I just wish we could all stop going!!!! The negative impact on their tourism might make them a bit friendlier

  3. Anna daynes Reply

    Motorhomes are not the
    Same has caravans .Some people just don’t get the concept they don’t need campsites .It’s about freedom this country needs to embrace that .Why would you use a camp site .

  4. Dave Fabian Reply

    Greedy parasite campsite owners should reduce their exorbitant rip off fees .

  5. mark Reply

    campsites are not too expensive and I for one would pay £50 a night to stay parked in my Motorhome on the beach.

    However, campsites are not flexible enough for motorhome users. Many people buy motorhomes looking for freedom and flexibility, we dont want to turn up in the hours the campsite reception wants us to and leave by the time they say …. if sites start to be flexible they will get business. If not then motorhome owners will find ways of using their vans flexibly. Campsites sites need to move with the times, the requirements of motorhome owners are very different to those of the traditional camper / caravan owner.

  6. Linda Pearson Reply

    If the campsites weren’t so expensive perhaps more people would want to stay on them.

  7. Tony norbury Reply

    Absolutely no proof whatsoever except hearsay and accusations by a campsite owner with a vested interest in trying to get said motorhomes on to their sites…..a commercial interest. Theres different types of motorhomers…site campers and ‘wild’ campers, those on the beach are the latter and self sufficient, fitted with toilets etc, no need to dump waste in dunes. I have been coming to black rock for over 45yrs, camped on both the site to left (was a council run site) and the campsite down at the rocks, along the two mile length of beach there are 2/3 public toilets with codes on camping site facilities, the brick toilets have always been dumps, where do car owner/day trippers go to wee/poo? They don’t use the filthy blocks the council provides….the dunes…..rubbish ??? All created by motorhomers or day trippers?? Someone was charging £5 a night?? To park on beach !! The council?? Look at the lost revenue, for overnighting and spent down at shops such has portmadog ,criccieth,etc but no….shortsightedness and lies, no proof whatsoever…well done, these motorhomers will go elsewhere and spend their hard earned money elsewhere. The alleged pooing/weeing/rubbish will continue but by day trippers….

  8. Sue Taylor Reply

    Sad that commercial sites are trying to ban those who do not wish to stay on their campsites. Better the council charged £5 to park overnight say 8-8 and put the money back to the local community. So different on mainland Europe.

  9. P Reply

    The council has no authority up to high water mark…I too old now to take um to court..I go elsewhere..

  10. Al Green Reply

    Any consultation with motorhomers about what they want and impact as part of the process? Thought not.

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