Man jailed for Holyhead burglary

A Warwickshire man has been jailed for breaking into a woman’s house in Holyhead.

Lloyd Cooper from Nuneaton pleaded guilty to attempting to steal a TV set from the home of Kelly Fleming last November. He also broke into a car parked at the Lidl supermarket on Llandwr Road and stole £2.50.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard Ms Fleming was awoken by Cooper and she caught him holding the TV in his hands. He dropped it and ran out of the house before climbing over a garden wall, shouting ”I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

In a victim impact statement, Ms Fleming said the burglary left her being frightened of being in her own home and she had not slept well since the incident.

Cooper (24) went onto damage several vehicles in the Lidl car park – the owner of one of the cars had to pay £90 to repair their smashed window.

Police were able to establish that both incidents were linked to the same man, but Cooper evaded capture until he was arrested last month for another attempted burglary in Warwickshire and jailed.

The defence said he was sorry for what he had done and excessive drinking had led to the two offences in Holyhead. He accepted it was a serious offence and its impact on the householder, knowing that a immediate jail term was likely.

Judge Philip Harris-Jenkins sentenced Cooper to ten months in jail and ordered him to pay a surcharge of £140.


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