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Last Updated On May 02, 2019
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Ensure you have been given access to the required systems. Contact Dafydd for more information.

Accessing your show

1. Head to (this is where you’ll download your show from).

2. Log in using the ‘Log in’ button in the top left corner.

3. Click on ‘Broadcast Record on Station Drive’

4. Either find your show or use the search bar to look for it.

5. Click on the show name to download it (downloads can be quite slow. Please be patient).

6. You’ll then need to edit your show.

You must remove the news from your show.

7. Once you’ve edited your show, you’ll need to export it correctly. For Audacity, use the following settings:

  • 128kbps Bitrate
  • Joint Stereo

Use the following naming convention:

Show Name – Broadcast Date (Ready)

Ready means that the show is ready to be uploaded. It is your responsibility to ensure the show follows the station’s listen again policy. This can be accessed here.

Uploading your show

Next, you’ll need to upload the edited show into the ‘Mixcloud’ folder on Station Drive.

1. Head to the ‘Mixcloud Upload’ folder.

2. Press the ‘Upload’ button.

3. Select ‘Choose file’. Browse to the file. Press ‘Upload’ to send the file to the server.


Eich Gorsaf, Eich Llais / Your Station, Your Voice