Holyhead Marina fire started by electrical fault

RNLI Holyhead

It’s been confirmed that an electrical fault was to blame for a major fire at Holyhead Marina.

A workshop near the lifeboat station at Newry Beach was gutted by the fire, following two reported explosions heard at around 9.10pm on Thursday night (24th August).

It took over two hours for four crews to bring the blaze under control. The marina was evacuated as a precaution but no one was injured.

An investigation by the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has found that the fire was started accidentally by faulty electrical wiring.

There was some damage to surrounding buildings, including the lifeboat station, caused by the heat of the fire. The RNLI, who temporarily moved their inshore lifeboat, said they were still fully in operation – but their base had been left ”bruised and battered”.

The fire did not affect overnight ferries at the nearby port, but residents were told to keep their windows and doors shut.

It comes less than six months after the marina was badly damaged by Storm Emma. As many as eighty boats were damaged or sunk and tonnes of polystyrene strewn much of the north west coast of Anglesey.

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