Gwynedd police assaults condemned

North Wales Police have condemned another spate of attacks on officers in Gwynedd over the weekend.

Two community support officer were assaulted in Bangor while they were arresting a wanted man – one of the PCSOs was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd with minor injures.

A spokesperson for Bangor police station thanked member of the public who assisted the officers.

Meanwhile in Deiniolen, another officer was attacked on Saturday afternoon while they were making an arrest. They did not need any medical treatment and remained on duty.

The attackers have been charged under the so-called ‘Protect the Protectors’ introduced last month. It allows the courts to jail anyone who assaults emergency service workers for up to a year.

But Neill Anderson, temporary chief constable with North Wales Police, said the assaults were ”shocking…and completely acceptable”.

He added: ”Our officers are working hard to protect the most vulnerable and to keep people safe. An assault of any kind should never be considered part of the job’ and offenders need to understand that North Wales Police will not tolerate such behaviour.”

”Officers are well trained and equipped and we seek to ensure that welfare arrangements are available when they become victims of an assault. These attacks leave their mark physically and mentally on the officers and in some cases their families.”

“Fortunately, no one was seriously injured this weekend. and as seasonal celebrations get underway. the public will see officers out and about endeavouring to keep our communities safe. We want people to enjoy themselves, but we will not tolerate any violence towards officers doing their duty, and we will take firm action against offenders.”

Across the region, there were five further incidents. Two officers were attacked in Rhyl as they dealt with a person arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Officers were also assaulted in Llandudno and Prestatyn and at the FA Cup tie between Wrexham and Newport County on Saturday night. Another community support officer was also attacked in Wrexham town centre.

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