Gwynedd crackdown on ‘cherry pick’ taxis

Gwynedd Council

Taxi drivers in Gwynedd who ‘cherry pick’ their passengers are facing a Christmas crackdown.

A new campaign has been launched aimed at taxis who refuse short journeys in order to try and land bigger fares from longer journeys.

Gwynedd County Council says the practice is ”unacceptable” and leaves some people, particularly women on their own, in a ”vulnerable and dangerous” position. It usually occurs late at night and during the early hours of the morning.

Gwynedd Council

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, the cabinet member for the environment, said ‘cherry pick’ drivers face losing their licences: ”It’s important to emphasise that the vast majority of taxi drivers in Gwynedd act in an honourable way and follow the rules.”

”Only a minority of taxi drivers in Gwynedd ‘cherry pick’ customers, giving the taxi industry a bad name. This illegal practice not only endangers the safety of customers but also undermines the efforts of private hire and taxi drivers who work hard and operate within the law to deliver a high-quality service in Gwynedd.”

The campaign follows complaints from members of the public who have been refused short journeys in some parts of the county.

The council is urging anyone refused a short journey to take a photo of the registration or licence plate, the location and the time and send it to licensing officers.

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson added it was illegal for drivers to refuse any services if the taxi light is on – whether or not the passenger is only taking a very short journey.

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