Gottwood police operation hailed a success

Police have praised revellers after the Gottwood festival in Llanfaethlu passed off ”virtually incident free”.

Officers had warned festival goers against taking substances ahead of the four-day electronic music event, held on the grounds of the Carreglwyd estate.

Anglesey Chief Inspector Mark Armstrong said small amounts of ketamine and MDMA were handed into drugs amnesty bins – and concerns about blue ecstasy tablets known as ‘Punisher Pills’ circulating on site did not appear to materialise.

The chief inspector said he was very pleased overall with policing and security at the festival: ”Our focus was to ensure everyone stayed safe and enjoying the event and our Policing style and approach was planned and carried out with that in mind.”

He added that some substances such as talcum powder or cement dust – brought by people who thought they were drugs – were also deposited: ”The fact unscrupulous dealers would sell someone pure talcum powder or anything else purporting it to be a drug is a clear sign they are driven by profit only and have no regard for ‘users’ safety. If ingested, it could cause serious harm.”

”However, the amount of drugs handed in has been very low level. When festival goers see the presence of a ‘drugs dog’ and realise they are going to be searched, then I think they don’t even try.”

North Wales Police did not disclose if any arrests were made at Gottwood. But elsewhere, Greater Manchester Police arrested 56 people at the two-day Parklife event in Heaton Park – mostly for drug offences.

NWP’s joint warning with the Betsi Cadwaladr health board about taking substances followed the deaths of Georgia Jones and Tommy Cowan at the Mutiny Festival near Portsmouth last month. Four men and a woman were arrested and bailed.


Eich Gorsaf, Eich Llais / Your Station, Your Voice