Three arrested for drug driving

Police say two people were arrested for driving under the influence of cocaine in Bangor over the weekend.

A 38 year-old woman tested positive after she was stopped for speeding on Holyhead Road at just after midnight on Monday morning. She also tested positive for alcohol but her reading was just below the legal limit.

Meanwhile, a 33 year-old Wrexham man was stopped on the A5 in the early hours of Sunday while driving with a defective light. He also tested positive for both drink and drug driving, although he blew under the legal limit in a further breath test in custody.

Both the man and woman have been released on bail pending the outcome of further tests.

Elsewhere in North Wales, an Anglesey man was arrested at Queensferry, Flintshire after he tested positive for cocaine at the roadside. The 22 year-old man has also been bailed pending further test results.