Illegal car scrapyard raided in Bangor

Environment officials have raided an illegal car scrapyard in Bangor.

Natural Resources Wales said the site, containing about 50 vehicles, had been operating for some time. Enforcement and woodland officers were supported by police during the search on Tuesday.

Ann Weedy, NRW enforcement operations manager, said: ”Cars that have reached the end of their life must be dismantled properly. They contain a number of different pollutants which can harm the environment and people’s health.”

”The environmental permitting system is important because it makes sure that sites are designed, built and managed in a safe way. If we have reason to suspect that sites aren’t complying with the laws, we will take enforcement action. This also helps to ensure a level playing field in the industry where illegal operators are not undercutting legitimate ones unfairly.”

NRW said all scrapyards needed the right infrastructure and management systems to deal with pollutants from scrapped cars without harming people or the environment.