Off the road: dangerous trailer caught on A55

North Wales Police

A lorry driver faces fines of up to £800 after he was caught driving a trailer with faulty brakes on the A55.

The 44-ton HGV was carrying meat destined for Ireland when a member of the public saw it weaving as it was travelling in lane one on Anglesey. It was tracked down by police after the vehicle was reported to DVSA staff at the weighbridge at Dalar Hir.

North Wales Police

They found axle one on the trailer had half of the brake disc missing on both sides and the pads were missing from the back of the breaks. The driver – who could face three points on his licence – had also broken rules on drivers’ working hours.

Police and DVSA officers also found faults on several more vehicles last week in a crackdown known as ‘Operation Trivium’, aimed at offenders who use the road network in Britain to commit crime. In North Wales, they found trailers with defective lights, overloaded vehicles and defective tachographs.

David Collings, DVSA enforcement delivery manager for Wales, said: ”Driving with poorly functioning brakes, like driving tired, can cause tragic accidents. A few, simple checks would have told the driver of this vehicle that he was gambling with the lives of other road users. We won’t hesitate to take drivers like this off the road if they continue to ignore the laws that exist to protect us.”

Inspector Dave Cust from the North Wales’ roads policing unit said: ”We regularly target dangerous and illegal vehicles alongside our colleagues at the DVSA..during this operation, dangerous vehicles were identified and removed from public roads until the defects were rectified ensuring the safety of all road users in North Wales and beyond.”