Council cracksdown on ‘sky tipping’

Anglesey Council

A new crackdown has been launched on so-called ‘sky tipping’ on Anglesey’s beaches.

In November 2017, Anglesey Council imposed a ban on releasing balloons and sky lanterns on its own land.

But the council says the problem still exists elsewhere on the island, particularly around the coast where the remains of balloons and lanterns are often found after being released during charity and business events, celebrations and commemorations.

According to the Friends of the Isle of Anglesey Council Path (FOACP), 879 such items were found in and around the area in 2017.

Councillor Carwyn Jones, who oversees the council’s countryside and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty activities, said: ”We know sky lanterns and balloons can be a popular part of celebrations, but ‘sky tipping’ is a real problem. We are urging members of the public and businesses to think twice before releasing balloons and lanterns into the sky.”

”Once the balloons and lanterns reach the ground, they pose a serious and dangerous threat to wildlife and animals. Balloons, in particular, are often mistaken for food by many species of wildlife.”

”Unfortunately, once balloons have been eaten they can block digestive systems and cause animals to starve. The string on balloons can also entangle and trap animals.”

”Our island is home to the largest Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) in Wales, so it is vital that it is kept clean and litter free.”

The council says its campaign forms a key part its five year plan by working with communities ”to ensure that they can cope effectively with change and developments whilst protecting our natural environment.”

Councillor Bob Parry, the executive member for waste management, added: ”As soon as these balloons and lanterns reach the ground they pose a significant threat to the environment and wildlife. We want to raise more awareness of this littering problem.”

”Anglesey is a beautiful place, and we must all work together to retain its reputation as a natural and clean island.”

”Anglesey’s Countryside and AONB team are also urging businesses to reconsider using balloons at their events, and to consider the long-term effect they can have on the environment and wildlife.”

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