Cloned credit card warning after Holyhead arrest

Police have warned retailers across North Wales to be on their guard against cloned pre-paid credit cards.

It comes after a man was arrested on suspicion of fraud, after he tried to use a cloned card to buy a high-value item from a store in Holyhead on Sunday (17th February).

Officers said the 23 year-old man from Greater Manchester used a prepaid card with no chip and pin at the Penrhos Retail Park. It didn’t work when the the shop assistant swiped it – but the payment went through after the card number was keyed in manually.

The shop worker contacted the bank, who warned him that the card was likely to have been cloned – they alerted police, who took the buyer into custody.

DCI Brian Kearney said: ”Every month, around 220 people in North Wales are victims of fraud, some of which results in the victims being defrauded of thousands of pounds.

”I would appeal to retailers to watch out for individuals making high value purchases on prepaid cards which do not authorise when the retailer swipes the card on the card machine.”

”Please consider contacting your bank prior to manually authorising payments for high value goods when the card does not swipe or have a chip and pin. Plastic card fraud compromises personal information from credit, debit or store cards.”

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