Childcare Offer: minister visits Menai Bridge nursery

Welsh Government

The Children’s Minister says a Welsh Government pilot offering free childcare is making a difference.

Huw Irranca-Davies visited Babinogion Menai, a nursery in Menai Bridge which is taking part in the Welsh Government’s Childcare Offer scheme.

The scheme provides 30 hours a week of early education and childcare of 3 year-olds and 4 year-olds for up to 48 weeks a year.

It’s being rolled out across Wales over a two year period, but every council in the North is expected to introduce the offer by the New Year.

Mr Irranca-Davies, the Labour AM for Ogmore, said: ”It’s been great to visit Babinogion Menai and see at first hand the difference our Childcare Offer is making to providers, parents and, most importantly, children.”

”Our pilots are already showing the difference this scheme is making. We have examples of families saving almost £250 a week, which they can use for other expenses. We’ve also seen parents increasing their hours of employment and parents changing their working hours so they can spend more time with their children.”

Currently, the childcare offer is available in at least parts of 11 local authorities across Wales – it’s hoped the scheme will be available nationally by 2020.

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