Caernarfon flat fire caused by unattended cooking

One person has been treated for smoke inhalation after a kitchen fire at a flat in Caernarfon.

Two crews were called out to Llys Buddug in Pendalar at just before 1.40am on Monday morning (9th July).

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service officers say the fire at Llys Buddug in Pendalar was caused by cooking left unattended – but the occupant was alerted by smoke alarms fitted in the flat.

Gwyn Jones, safety manager for Gwynedd and Anglesey, said: ”Time and time again we attend house fires which have started in the kitchen – it is so easy to forget your cooking, especially if you are tired, distracted or have been drinking. However, the consequences can be devastating.”

“Our message is clear – never turn your back on your cooking, even for a minute. Leaving any cooking, but especially a chip pan, unattended for any length of time can have disastrous results.”

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