Bangor drug crime: 75 arrested in six months

North Wales Police

Police in Bangor say they’ve made over 75 arrests for drug crime in the city over the past six months.

Around £10,000 worth of heroin and cocaine has been seized by detectives since March, along with another £10,000 in cash.

The figures were revealed as police released footage of their latest operation tackling drug crime and anti-social behaviour.

An 18 year-old man was arrested last Friday on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply. Meanwhile, a car with no insurance was seized from three men who were stop searched and given swab drug tests.

Officers from the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit also took part in the operation.

North Wales Police said 17 people involved in so-called ‘County Lines’ drug dealing had been arrested in Bangor from March 2019 onwards.

Over 540 wraps of heroin and cocaine had been seized and ten domestic properties were served closure orders. No fewer than 20 ‘anti-cuckooing’ operations had taken place in the area.

A spokesperson added: ”We continue to work with the council and other partners to tackle city centre crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Last week, Gwynedd Council ended a public consultation on plans to give extra police powers to tackle an increase in anti-social behaviour in the city. More than 1100 incidents – including 649 crimes – were reported in the area between April 2018 and last June.

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