Bangor City split: fans form breakaway club

Bangor City FC Supporters Association

Bangor City fans have agreed to form their own football club.

Members of the club’s Supporters Association voted unanimously to set up their own breakaway team at a special meeting in Penrhyn Hall on Wednesday night.

The group says the club is being formed as insurance against a ”real threat to top level football in the city”. But they denied it was being created in direct opposition to the Nantporth team, who were relegated from the Welsh Premier League last season.

The ‘extraordinary general meeting’ was held amid growing concerns from City fans about the club’s owners, Vaughan Sports Management (VSM). In recent months, electricity and water supplies have been cut off at Nantporth amid claims the club was facing over £105,000 in debt.

Last month, controversial ex-director of football Stephen Vaughan Jr returned to the club as its new chairman – while attendances at league matches have slumped, with Bangor failing to win promotion from the Huws Gray Alliance at the first time of asking.

In a statement after the meeting, the Supporters Association warned Bangor City in its current was ‘unsustainable’ and the possibility of liquidation was still a risk.

A spokesperson criticised VSM, saying: ”The licence failure, demotion and raft of unpaid bills have led to falling crowds and an atmosphere of mistrust.”

”To make matters worse there also appears to be a culture of denial and secrecy rather than a coherent plan to rectify the situation. An open letter to the club from the Association has neither been formally acknowledged or responded to.”

”The hope is that tonight’s decision will allow the fans, local community and businesses to develop a mutually respectful partnership that re-energises the football community of the city and local area.”

”We want fans to reconnect with each other and restore the pride and feeling of being a supporter of our historic club.”

The statement added that the new club was ”a creative and positive solution for an ever changing and precarious situation”, while not disowning Bangor City or its history.

The group also voted to turn itself into a supporters’ trust as part of its first moves towards forming the new club, as yet unnamed.

Talks have already been held with the FAW and the group says it has reached agreements for a home ground – compliant with playing in the third tier of the Welsh football system – and kits for players.

The club now has until 1st June to register with the FAW.

Bangor City FC has yet to comment on the Supporters Association’s decision.

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